July 18, 2012

Summer Cold Anyone?

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So, Wednesday afternoon and I’m in the van (with a bit of man flu). I’m hoping I can shake it off today as I hate not feeling 100%. Kate’s already had it and on the mend so it’s only fair I caught it too!

It’s been a busy week or so since the last blog.

About 10 days ago I was on the mainland to do some work in Glenfinnan….they don’t have very good internet so they are looking into a scheme like that on the Small Isles www.hebnet.co.uk

Can you spot Harry Potter?

He’s behind William Wallace in the front carriage!!!

Glenfinnan village – lots of trees. They’ve got a new hydro scheme going in too….

Our wheels to get up Mam a’ Chreagain….nearly as good as the scooby….

After leaving Glenfinnan, it was back on Lola to sail across to Rum.

We saw the usual sea birds…. Shearwaters,Razorbills,Guillemots,Gannets,Puffin,Great Skua (Bonxie),Tystie etc…

Once back on Rum, it was back to the insulation. One of the reasons for installing it before replacing the roof/slate was that a) it can be done before re-roofing as the insulation is attached to the underside of the rafters (the rafters are remaining in place) b) we have a serious lack of storage for all the timber and other materials that will be coming in the next week or so. So, it made sense to install it in the roof where it’s out of the way for good. We’ve now just got the corners to finish off but all the insulation is upstairs ready for this and it’s freed up the back bedroom and kitchen for storage. We’re also in the process of using expanding foam in the gaps and then sealing with foil tape……

The insulated roof – we notice a difference already in the upstairs area. Once the walls and windows have been done its going to be a seriously well insulated house…..

The insulation did take a lot longer than anticipated. If you’ve got a hipped roof on your house it’s hard work compared to a gable ended one…..

Apart from the insulation, we’ve also cut the hedge along the drive…..notice it’s another nice sunny day!

The finished product – the hedge is going to be cut down to around 10ft and look a lot more formal…..

It’s now the best kept hedge on Rum from what I’ve seen!

Apart from that, we’ve not been up to much else. We’ve got a big order to make for materials that will give us some down time as we’ll have to arrange to get the lorry over and some of the jobs we’d like to do are on hold until further supplies arrive.

One job I did manage to do (which was bugging me), was bury the waste pipe from behind the shower shed and also link in the sink and shower correctly. The pipe was just run in above the ground before and was only a temporary fix. I also wanted to hook in a bottle gully (I had a second hand one spare), behind the shed to act as a bit of a drain as and when need….

With all that done (and the blog finished), I’m off to help Kate with the expanding foam……


July 3, 2012

Installing Celotex XR 4200 Board

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Quick post tonight on my installation of the roof insulation….

Tools needed for the job include…saw,tape measure, straight edge, prop (useful), Makita drill (Other drills are available),long drill-bit, insulation, insulation fixings, aluminium tape.

I can justify 2 drills…..honest!

The EJOT TKR100 and HTK50-145 insulation fixing for the Celotex board is far cheaper than the standard offering (on most insulation sites) of http://www.twistfix.co.uk/products/insulation-fixings/warm-roof-deck-insulation-fixings-2-product.html. The twistfix option is just over £1 per screw, the EJOT option works out at 42p per fixing (the screw and the plug) including the delivery. I got mine from www.irpltd.co.uk and they were very helpful.

The picture below shows the setup and how it works – fair play, it’s pretty good and less thermal bridges due to the plastic fitting.

Straight forward enough to install the insulation, measure the space and angle then cut the board and install. My only tip would be that smaller boards are easy to handle but obviously involve more cutting to get into place. The fact the insulation is 200mm thick make the stuff awkward to put in. I’ve managed 8 boards so far and here’s the progress….

North side roof.

You can see the thickness here, 150mm is all a new build has installed (installed in a 200mm rafter with 50mm air flow void). As we are doing a renovation, we don’t have the luxury of 200mm rafters (although the purlins and other timbers in Tattie House are far better than any new build!) so we have to insulate on the inside and leave a 50mm gap for airflow between the rafters. The picture just about shows everything….

Finally the West side of the house….

More insulation going in for the rest of the week. Once in, the gaps in the joints and where it meets the timbers will be filled with expanding foam and then the aluminium tape to create the VCL – vapour control layer!

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