May 21, 2013

Getting our house in order

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This year for us is all about getting the job done. Neither of us wants the renovation to drag on endlessly so it’s really important that we stay focussed on the many things we want to achieve before winter and do everything we can to make them happen. We’re taking great care with how we spend our time because the bottom line is we’re not on holiday, we’re here to get a job done and the sooner it’s finished the sooner we can think about what comes next.
It’s not all work and no play though, we’ve finally got the boat in the water (Ian’s post ‘how to intall a mooring’ coming soon) and we’re out on it as often as time and the weather allow. So far we’ve seen porpoises, loads of sea birds including razorbills, puffins and sheerwaters and on our last trip caught a good haul of mackerel. As the weather warms up the boat will be a great way to relax in the evenings after working on the house and escape the midges. When having a place in Scotland was just a dream and we didn’t even know Tattie House existed, Ian’s vision was based heavily around owning a boat and pottering about the coast (bit like big brother Carl I think) so for him it’s a big part of the dream come true and that makes me happy.

Captain Bolas telling brother Carl about the successful launch

Captain Bolas telling brother Carl about the successful launch

Little boat dog

Little boat dog

Abby and Annie having fun on the boat

Abby and Annie having fun on the boat

Speaking of warming up, a couple of days ago the forecast presented us with a weather window that allowed us to start the roof off. So the west facing end has been stripped off and within a few days we hope to have the insulation completely sealed, sarking in order and membrane down so that it’s weather proof and ready to hold the new slates. The roof is the most daunting job on our very long list as it’s the biggest job and roofing is something we have absolutely no experience in. We won’t let difficulty or lack of experience provide an excuse though, at the end of the day anything’s possible if you really give it your best and believe you can do it. Like with many things it helps to try and keep everything in perspective – we’re not restoring some grand mansion here, it’s just a normal roof on a normal sized house. It’s not impossible and we know we’ll get there, that’s not to say it won’t be a challenge though…watch this space!

Starting the roof off

Starting the roof off



  1. its all coming together kate . its looking really good.

    Comment by alan smith — May 21, 2013 @ 18:31

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