November 1, 2012

And relax…

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Home at last! We cut it fine, just about managing to get everything wrapped up and the trailer packed in time to catch the boat. We tried our best to be as organised as possible but as almost always there was a last minute sprint to get everything tidied away and secured for winter. Turning the caravan so that its nose points into the prevalent Westerlies was particularly stressful in the rain and boggy mud – we just hope it’s where we left it when we return in March…fingers crossed for a calm winter! The last few weeks have seen us battle with the burden of a pretty hefty jobs list and a swiftly approaching deadline, we came to a point where we knew we had to get our heads down and keep a tighter focus than earlier on in the year. Bye bye fun times, hello seriously hard work. So we’ve felt a bit dejected of late; somewhat removed from life on Rum, working hard, living in increasingly challenging conditions, the unknown of the next four months looming…

Thankfully though, we’re the two of us a solid team. We got to the end of this year’s stint feeling satisfied with the dent we made to the jobs list and (even if it was a regrettably whirlwind departure) managed to meet our deadline. Back in our cosy home we look forward to a break from physically grafting on Tattie House and instead earning a bit more to plough into future works. We’re also very much looking forward to our wee trip to Gretna in December and retuning in March as official team Bolas 🙂 So cheerio fine folks of Rum, we wish you all the best over the winter months and we look forward to seeing you again in March…until then we’ll be following the Rum goings on and posting the odd retrospective blog (Ian and his words of DIY wisdom and also our general winter goings on including the new piggies, the adventures of Abby at Christmas, Abby possibly gatecrashing the wedding etc…)



  1. Any new pictures or updates? Friends from Alcatel-Lucent/HP would like to see any new progress on “Project Ron”

    Comment by Bolo — April 15, 2013 @ 15:24

    • Back into the groove now…..

      Regards to Ron too!…..

      Comment by tattiehouse — April 27, 2013 @ 12:22

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