October 19, 2012

I love it when a plan comes together

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A few days last week brought with them a very welcome sunny spell which gave us a break from wind and rain and grey. Not only did it lift our spirits (at some points it was actually toasty warm) but gave us the perfect window in which to get the kitchen floor concreted. So we layed the membrane, topped with 100mm Celotex taped at the joins, lined around the edges with 25mm Celotex to minimise cold bridging and got the mixer on. Four strips of concrete later and the floor is done and looks amazing, we know all that has to be done to the floor now is to lay quarry tiles – the easy part! We occasionally look at a job we’ve done, give ourselves a pat on the back and say ‘we did that’; this was one of those jobs. We’ve not done anything like it before and we’re just working our way along with this in mind – how do we know what we can do unless we try? Having come this far I’m confident that we’ll manage the rest of the jobs that need doing, however daunting or difficult. It’s been such a long time in the making; our twenties were spent knuckling down, working hard and saving determinedly to make it happen. Seeing it progress is all the more satisfying because we have worked hard for it and by the time we complete it I think the word ‘ours’ will have developed a whole new meaning for us.

The new kitchen floor, not bad for a first flooring effort 🙂

My parents came over on Saturday for four days so work came to a halt for a little while whilst we took some time out to spend with them. We managed to fit in lots of fun things to do including a trip over to Harris bay, we were lucky to have picked a very fine autumn day so got to sit on the beach for a few hours and enjoy a picnic, glass of wine and bask in the beautiful sunshine…not something we’ve been able to do up here for a while. We had a great time with them, they loved seeing the changes that have been made to Tattie House and chatting with us about our plans for the future of the house and the future in general. Now they just can’t wait for us to hurry up and finish their holiday home off for them! Of course, the years of saving would have been a lot harder without both of our parents being understanding, supportive and cutting us a fair amount of slack in the name of us achieveing our dream so the finished product will (almost!!) be as much for them as us.

Harris on a very beautiful day

We packed them back off to the real world on Wednesday, so now we have less than two weeks left to focus on the house and getting as much done as possible before we leave for the winter. The hallway floor is underway, we hope to get the second outhouse footings in place (initially held up by the lack of movement of the HebNet gear from Tattie House to HebNet Hill…now complete and out of our way), then it’s flitch beams and whatever else we can squeeze in before we leave. We have lots of things to look forward to on our return to Wales, one being the collection of our piggies the weekend we get back. As we’ve found from keeping them at home they’re the most fantastic cultivators, good, fun animals to keep and make excellent eating so we look forward to next year when we’ll have some here on Rum to clear the garden off. Whilst we wouldn’t want to be living here in our cold damp caravan over winter, we’ll still miss the place so (I know it’s a bit soon to think of Christmas, but…) I’m really really excited that our dear friend Abby will be visiting us over Christmas and giving us a little reminder of this place whilst we’re gone.

As for right now…our friend Vikki has very kindly let us stay in her house in return for a spot of cat sitting whilst she’s away for a few days training as part of her Community Development Officer job. Turns out Lisa Cat likes a lot of the same things we do; a warm fire, cuddling up on the sofa and watching Strictly, eating. Ahh, houses are nice.


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