July 29, 2012

It s’not funny any more

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It’s still all coughs and runny noses at Tattie House, it’s been precisely 2 weeks since the horrid cold took a hold and it’s still firmly hanging on. Having already put off a walk with HebNet (www.hebnet.co.uk) colleague and friend Simon from Eigg just over a week ago due to said cold, Ian was feeling well enough by Thursday just gone to get out on the hill, and so off they went to Hallival. The weather was very good, so he managed to get a couple of excellent shots of Goddard Land (Croft 3) and Tattie House…

Progress has been slow but sure, the combination of us both feeling quite worn out with the cold and the weather being very unsettled has not helped with regards to outside work, however the insulation is now almost completely finished and the blockwork at the rear of the house has been started off. We’re just waiting on a sample slate to arrive in the post before placing an order for the second delivery of building materials, so we’ll soon be well into the list of must-buys for the project.

As for life on Rum, we’ve  had a couple of occasions recently; one, a performance in the hall by Elsa Jean McTaggart  (www.mctaggart.info) fiddle, guitar and penny whistle playing folk singer who entertained the people of Rum with her stories and all round singing and musical talent. A great time was had by all when the evening turned in to a small impromptu ceilidh.

Another was the good turn out at the hall to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics…

The next event will be Midgefest on Saturday the 4th of August, which hopefully will see lots of visitors and Rum folk celebrate the mighty midge with crafts, games, food and fun in general. Very much looking forward to it!

I’ll leave today’s blog on a picture of the conents of one of our creels recently…

The lobsters were too small to keep and so were returned to the sea with a message to tell their big brothers to pay our pots a visit! They are the first ones we’ve caught, so we’re optimistic that sometime soon we could be adding lobster to our list of locally sourced foods. YUM.

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