July 24, 2012

Mr Crabs

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As there’s something of a lull in building works on the house just now (waiting for materials), we’ve been doing a few other things with our time (we’ve also had extreme summer colds which has effected the build a little).

We’ve moved all the insulation for the trust from the pier to the hall and put it in the attic ready for installation. The only issue being there’s a decent case of wood worm up there. Before rolling the insulation, the wood worm needs to be sorted (that’s something the trust will discuss), on a positive note, the insulation is already to be rolled once the wood worm is sorted.

We’ve also been helping with the community poly tunnel. The trust had this (along with the insulation) from an energy saving trust grant I believe. We’ve marked it out ready so next job is to dig the holes for the base plates. All good fun!

I’ve also been out converting Mackerel into other food sources, mostly brown crab!

Boat loaded with 3 creels…

I dropped the creels in a new spot I’d not tried before. They will be going beyond the edge of the bay in the next day or 2 but it’s too windy to do that just now.

On my travels I went to see the Ranger who I knew was lurking around a beach…

So, a few 2 days later I pulled the creels up and had a few brown crabs. Good for the pot so home they came…

15 minutes boiling in salty water…..

A make shift table to do the work. The caravan tables are not great as you need something weighty to break open the claws.

The best way to strip a crab down, leg’s and claws first, then the shell.

Getting all the meat out from a crab can be hard work but it’s worth all the effort in the end…..

The brown meat on the left is from in the shell (Carapace – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carapace), while the white meat is from the legs,claws and also the main body.

Another example of the great food around the island that can be collected with very little effort….

I’m off to enjoy my seafood supper now..!



  1. We used this stuff in our house when insulating it just to coat everything as there was old woodworm present. It simply coats everything in boron which is pretty much harmless but for such a small animal they need to dig through it to get to the wood and end up dying due to overdose 🙂



    Comment by DanielC — July 24, 2012 @ 23:24

    • Hi Dan,

      I did Tattie House in Boron spray (roof timbers anyway. Seems to have done the trick in there (Although a few spots i missed seem to have a bit of worm this year). The hall belongs to the trust so they work out what their going to do with the woodworm etc. There’s some massive wasp nests up there too!


      Comment by tattiehouse — July 25, 2012 @ 08:59

  2. I hope you took out the poisonous bits! I think they are called the ‘Lady’s Fingers’.

    Comment by martin — August 1, 2012 @ 11:01

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