July 9, 2012

“The sea is alive!”

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We made our escape aboard the Sheerwater (www.arisaig.co.uk) again last Thursday and thanks to the fine weather and calm sea we were lucky enough to see more dolphins, puffins and this minke whale. Thanks to the Sheerwater crew being excellent creature spotters, we managed to capture the whole sequence of it surfacing…

We both definitely feel very privileged to have seen some of the wildlife we’ve seen so far!

Before we left Soay the Sheerwater stopped in the bay so that we could watch the shoals of mackerel at work gobbling up little fish. There must have been thousands of mackerel in the bay, and as one of our favourite little Rum folk Scarlett would say “the sea was alive” with the little fish trying to escape – it was quite a sight.

Ian was away doing buisnessy things on the weekend, so not much happened in the house but I did manage to get the van into something that resembles a home again and all of the washing done (thanks to the wonder that is boiler on the shed (that I’m grateful for almost every day), and the first perfect drying day since we returned from our trip to Wales). However the insulation in Tattie House is looking very good at the moment, the blocks arrived last week so we can look to start laying them and the wind is blowing so the midges will keep away whilst we get the drainage finished up. Ian will be posting a work related one tomorrow, so bye for now!



  1. wow, amazing views of the minke whale! i hope the house is all going to plan xxoox

    Comment by Georgina McMillan — July 12, 2012 @ 07:47

  2. What a beautiful place! i will have to add Rum Bay to my Bucket list of places i want to visit and go fishing!

    Comment by ridgline — July 21, 2012 @ 18:01

    • Hi Ridgline,

      Rum and the immediate area is great. The west coast of Scotland in general is pretty good though!

      Once my boat is here, we’ll be doing more fishing and find spots for Pollock, Saithe and Coalfish. There’s also flat fish/ray’s about but we’ll switch to these later in the year…


      Comment by tattiehouse — July 21, 2012 @ 18:06

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