June 26, 2012

A great way to get back into things…

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We got back to Tattie House on Friday afternoon and it took us pretty much all weekend to get over the travelling and settle back in. We were glad to get back in time to help Nic and Ady (http://wondering-wanderers.blogspot.co.uk/) with attempt two at moving their static caravan up to the croft (attempt one took place while we were down in Wales and despite a huge effort by all involved proved to be quite problematic). So on Saturday Ady, Ian, Mike and Sandy and a couple chaps from neighbouring island Eigg (http://www.isleofeigg.net/) along with Vikki and Nic (I just did my best not to get in the way/hinder the process!) worked incredibly hard and managed to finally get the van onto the croft. We’re really pleased that after weeks of stress about it they finally have their static in place and can now settle in properly. I have to say the views from the Goddard’s new location are absolutely incredible and I think arguably the best views of any house on the island. Go Goddards!

Given that we’re a bit short on space at the van we find it hard to entertain more than two people at a time, so we decided to bring some of our yummy tamworth sausages and other bits and pieces back and bbq instead. So last night a group of us headed over to Harris for a beachy evening BBQ. The weather was fine, the company was great and it was perfect timing with the static move being a success so I think everyone had a rather nice time. (I will edit the blog to include photos of the caravan move and BBQ as we get hold of them from Mike).

As for Tattie House works, we’re still waiting on drainage parts which I think we’re both a little bit frustrated by. One thing affects another and so by not having the final parts for the drainage we’re held up with the final footings at the rear of the house which are two jobs we should like to have completed by now…Anyway, on a more positive note we’ve ordered up the fixings for the massively thick roof insulation – so sometime soon we’ll be able to free up space inside the house by fixing the insulation to the roof. This also gives us a good indoor job to get on with when the midgies attack. Just now though we’re pottering about outside finishing up what we can before everything probably comes at once and we don’t know where to start!


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