June 10, 2012

Two footings down and a trip to Canna

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It’s been a couple of days since we have posted, some problems on the main land involving theft of BT cables left the Mallaig, Skye and the Small Isles with no phone connection and the Hebnet connection on Rum down. It’s given us a chance to get a bit more done and (even though we said we wouldn’t) have some fun. We’ve managed to get the second lot of footings in, it’s for the first of the extensions to the rear of Tattie House (to be a bathroom). Just the kitchen larder extension to go and we’ve got all foundations done and dusted. We’re still waiting on some parts to arrive so that we can finish up the drainage trenches, backfill them and hopefully put that job to bed and make the site look a bit tidier too. We’re looking to get most of these bits finished up before we return to Wales for our week off, after that its onwards and upwards with jobs that wont be hidden underground!

The midges are really starting to get going now (although this is nothing, wait ’till August we’re told) the netting is doing its job and keeping most of the invaders out. We still can’t help but be amazed by quite how ferocious they are.

On to the fun bits, Ian got away to Canna yesterday for a boys day with Ranger Mike Werndly (http://www.isleofrum.com/wildliferanger.php). They saw lots of wildlife including Great Skua, as seen below dive bombing Mike’s head.

And this one that tried to get Ian

Some puffins

And much more. A fun day was had and the boys came back bragging about the buffet they had attended and with two rather tasty looking lobsters in a box, one of which Ian and I will be attempting to fit in our saucepan this evening. It’ll keep us going until we learn how to catch them ourselves! Today they are off kayaking (possibly all the way around Rum – think they’re going to see how they fare).  So there should be lots more interesting pictures of todays adventures to come.  Personally I’m really looking forward to getting back home to Wales (which is coming around very quickly) and arranging the transportation of our boat up here, I can imagine there’ll be very many adventures to be had when that arrives. Oh, and collecting our forgotten tent poles so that we can do some camping too.


  1. good pics . the work is coming on great guns well done both.

    Comment by alan smith — June 11, 2012 @ 06:17

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