June 3, 2012

Slow Progress…..

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So, it’s Sunday morning and I’m just catching up on some paperwork and thought I’d better update the blog! Progress has been slow of late (I feel) although we are making some decent headway on the drainage. The digger is away now which is good and bad. Good as it’s not costing us anymore money, bad in that any holes i want digging or filling have to be done by hand!

I’d say we got about 90% of the holes done with the digger that we wanted to, some places, the digger just cannot fit so you have to dig the holes by hand regardless. The pea gravel is also being used up nicely, I’ve used 2 bulk bags already to support the new drainage…..

For anyone looking at building their own house, you need a lot of pea gravel to do the drainage, 150mm below, 150mm fill either side and 150mm fill on top (if the back fill has stones larger than 40mm). It looks good once done though, shame it’s all being covered over!

So, with all holes dug, I’ve got a lot of pipe and pea gravel to fill in, I also need to dig around 5 small trenches where the digger would not go. Time consuming stuff but the weather is favourable for trench work over the next 4 or so days so I want to get it wrapped up….

What else has been going on? We did the beach stuff at Harris with Claire (www.theteashop.biz)….not sure what pics Kate uploaded but here’s the boat of the Subaru…

A decent haul and the rope we got will be great for something in the future (not sure what though). There’s a lot of remote beaches full of decent things for the garden/that can be recycled. I’m just waiting for the day that Rum has it’s own “Ice Prince” sink off the shores and throws up a load of good timber…..http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7199667.stm . All we’ve got is a French wreck Jack Abry II that had no useful building materials at all http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-12334276!

We got over to Harris again (West Coast of Rum) to head up to Fiachanais (wee loch on the hill) and had a quick fish but nothing was going (I blame the North Easterly breeze).

We did see a Wheatear though and by the look of the pictures on Wikipedia, it was a male.

The Rum Cuillin of Trollaval and Aishinval in the background….

And the view the other way…..

The lighthouse 8 miles East of Rum, Hyskeir or Oigh Sgeir, in the distance Barra, Outer Hebrides.

A shot of the lodge and mausoleum from the loch, the former owners are buring in the Greek style tomb….

I’ll leave you with a picture of the burn that flows from Atlantic Corrie (with Barkeval poking out in the background) and also the CalMac which had Rum’s number 1 ranger on board doing some stuff for Wild Lochaber http://www.wildlochaber.org/programme.html

I’m off to get in the trench and make some good progress on completing the drainage work….





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