May 29, 2012

The midge war is on

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Who would want to be sat in a boiling hot caravan being tormented by midges when you could be catching mackerel on the pier with a cool breeze and views like this

Lots of people come to Rum on Yachts, where the loch is the perfect spot to moor up and have a look around the village.

Ian had fun finding places to drop the creels

He’s at it again!

Whilst he was busy having a lark on the boat, I managed to catch a single mackerel for our dinner (my first catch since our arrival against Ian’s 11!!)

So as I said, the midge war is officially on for 2012. They’ve started to invade the caravan at night, which we’ve tried to counter with gaffer tape and a bit of old curtain material so far, to no great effect. So we’ve ordered up a midge net bed canopy and some midge net that we can use to cover the vents (we dont want to use anything that would stop gas from being able to escape from the van!) That, some incense to confuse them and a bit of deet for our exposed bits should hopefully see them off! We shall see…

This is how tasty the midges think my arms are (so far)

This is the tiny culprit that can cause Rum residents and visitors quite a bit of misery (and possibly a bit of sanity loss…I’ve started swearing at and attacking motes of dust in confusion, which apparently looks a bit crazy)

Here are some random pictures of around and about site yesterday, starting with the old bottle gulley that we dug out at Tattie House and itsmodern equivalent

The geese on the croft next door

A pretty peacock butterfly that landed by me as a I took a picture of the geese

An old Parozone bottle that we found upstairs in Tattie House

And a very welcome guest at Tattie House, Mr. Swallow making an exit

To finish off for today, a couple of pictures of an impromptu gathering at the shop last night. Gordon Mackenzie of G.G. Mackenzie Contracting (www.ggmackenzie.com) is working on island and he and Angus brought the tunes with them to the shop last night, where a very pleasant and relatively midge free evening was had by everyone (not sure how pleasant this morning was for the whiskey drinkers though!!!) and Gordon and Claire (www.theteashop.biz) enjoyed a little whirl about. All in all a very fine evening.



  1. the work going ok kate. i will post your parcel wednesday 30/5 via parcelforce. you gotta share the sweeties. no beer to heavy.do you need ciggy papers or anything else.

    Comment by alan smith — May 29, 2012 @ 19:40

  2. I’m so jealous – can’t wait to get to Rum for a wee holiday 🙂
    -Sarry xx

    Comment by sarry — June 2, 2012 @ 21:13

    • Hi Kate and Ian, omg you have a lot of work todo, and the views, animals etc are awesome.

      Comment by sarah tanner — June 5, 2012 @ 19:27

    • We both look forward to meeting baby Dylan, see you soon Xx

      Comment by tattiehouse — June 11, 2012 @ 16:28

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