May 27, 2012

Visitors, sunshine and seafood

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We had visitors on Thursday morning, a group of students from the University of Central Lancashire (www.uclan.ac.uk) came to Tattie House with their lecturer Dr. Kevin Butt to see what we’re up to and ask us some questions about the project and life on Rum in general. Although they were here mostly looking at earthworms (we attended Dr. Butt’s talk on Tuesday evening about the earthworms of Rum and found it really interesting) they were also talking to the residents about what brought them to the island. It was great to have an opportunity to show people exactly what we’re doing rather than explain through photos for a change. We were asked some interesting questions, including ‘has there been any suprises in the renovation as yet?’, thankfully we were able to answer with a ‘no’…which partly we think comes down to the amount of time we’ve been able to put into the planning and a sensible attitude to what constitues a ‘suprise’ probably helps too. Of all, my favourite question had to be ‘do you sleep in the caravan and have breakfast at the castle?’

We hope they enjoyed listening to our little story as much as we enjoyed their visit, so thanks for taking an interest in us folks!

Simon (a founding director of Hebnet with Ian www.hebnet.co.uk ) and his very lovely bearded collie Pippa from neighbouring island Eigg came over on his yacht to pay us a visit today. Being in construction, he gave us some excellent and much appreciated advice at the house and Ian had a lovely afternoon on the yacht lunching and talking Hebnet.

Activity has been slowed a bit by the blazing sunshine, which makes work very hard and play VERY tempting. So generally Ian’s been pottering with the digger but mostly we’ve been fishing pretty successfully – lots of tasty mackerel dinners for us yum yum yum. We managed to spy a cheeky little otter just off of the big pier munching on a lobster, lucky thing. It’s given us an idea to get some for ourselves so we’re off on the boat this evening to drop a couple of pots out and see what happens. We’ll take the camera with us so there’ll be lots of photos for next time, bye for now!


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