May 23, 2012

Slow Progress and a day off….

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So….Kate’s in the shower shed and I’m outside the shop having a beer so thought I’d post a quick update of the last couple of days…

Progress has been a little slow but we have manged to get the connection to the septic tank sorted as the were a couple of blockages in the Edwardian system that serves the Tattie House (and server it very well).

I’ve been on the digger sorting out the hole to put replacment pipe in (with the help of Kate of course)…..

Time for the gloves for a closer inspection…

During the digger the HM Coastgard came in to take someone off island rather quickly…..

Due to all the excitment of the day I must have had the radio on and got dancing to some Ibiza anthems….outside the shed…

We’ve also got a new visitor to the house in the form of a Swallow…I suspect they will be looking to nest there this year..This year they should be ok but next I’ll have to sort something out for them…..

Well that was the past couple of days activities, the drainage is coming along and the fine wether here is helping with that.

Today (23rd) we had a bit of a break and went out on the Canoe…..and got some stuff including a lobster pot for future use…..See Rum’s 2 highest peaks in the background, to the right Hallival, to the left Askival….Askival is the higher of the 2 at 814m and some of the best views in Scotland can be had from the top…..

Before I sign off for the night, as promised a few posts ago, the smashed up awning from the wet and windy day we had around 10 days ago…..



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