May 13, 2012

Saturday Delivery and Friday Ceilidh

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Friday day was digger day and with a bit of much appreciated instruction from Richard to get going Ian drove it back to Tattie House without damaging anyone or anything in the process…a success we think! Ian made the most of the fine weather to have a little go of it in the garden.

Friday night was ceilidh night, where lots of fun was had. The loveliest lovely Claire (below with Marcel and Ian) who runs Rum Teashop catered for everyone with lots of excellent yummy BBQ food. While some stayed up to see Saturday morning in West coast ceilidh style we had to head off (reasonably) early and get some kip before the big delivery.

10 am on Saturday and we were waiting eagerly at the pier to see Spanish John approach with quite a full deck…

It was pretty hard work getting all of the heavy stuff up to the house, but this helped a lot…

It’s amazing how excited we’ve started to become by plant/clever machines!

Some of the garden now looks like this…

After quite a few more trips to the pier with the trailer we got the insulation, drainage, lead and other bits and pieces back to the house and stacked it away before completely crashing for the night. A VERY long but very productive day.

Some really horrible weather came on in the night and has been rattling the caravan to within an inch of its life since, and the forecast isn’t looking so bright. So our fingers are crossed for a break in it so that we can crack on and get those foundations and drains in. For now its back to the wobbly van for a nice hot cuppa! (Below is todays very grey very windy very wet view from the village hall/tea shop veranda.)



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